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akistan’s largest game show JEETO PAKISTAN jeeto pakistan contact number 2021 Helpline ! A show like no other, where fun continues and prizes appear one after another. A thrilling, segment-based game show with unimaginable twists and turns.

Sr. #Head OfficeJeeto Pakistan Official Numbers
1Jeeto Pakistan Head Office Number Karachi JEETO PAKISTAN jeeto pakistan contact number 2021 Helpline

jeeto pakistan head office number

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Jeeto Pakistan Helpline | Jeeto Pakistan Number

How you Visit Jeeto Pakistan in Karachi Studio?

Jeeto Pakistan’s main studio is in Karachi. Once you receive the online registration form, we will send you a call or pass to your home or designated address. Thank you for your understanding when providing information (Management). Or call now

Jeeto Pakistan Timings :-  Friday , Sunday night 9 pm (pk)

 Jeeto Pakistan Helpline Number

You can also SMS us on this Lottery Complaints

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Jeeto Pakistan Helpline number Jeeto Pakistan helpline number head office number 2022. Ary Digital · Winner Jeeto Pakistan · Jeeto Pakistan 2021 Just to get an entry in Jeeto Pakistan Show 2020, we are here to provide you tickets for this show. We are the official Passes providers of Jeeto Pakistan. Just

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The show is divided into several segments, each one offering contestants prizes in return for achieving a set of challenges or game tasks given by the host.The prizes offered range from cars and motorcycles to gold, cash, vacation packages and household items.[8] The show is funded by sponsors, advertisers and commercial brands.

Jeeto Pakistan is occasionally broadcast from other cities, with some shows having been held in Lahore,[1] Islamabad,[9] Faisalabad, Multan and Dubai.[2]

During the month of Ramadan every year, the show runs a daily transmission in the evening.

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