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Jeeto Pakistan Contact Number

ARY Jeeto Pakistan is a Pakistani Game-Show started on May 2014. This show is hosted by popular Pakistani actor Fahad Mustafa. In this game show, you have to answer a few questions and you can win prizes of thousands of rupees. Jeeto Pakistan 2020 is now trending on TV due to its unique content and originality. People win various rewards on this TV Show by playing some games or by answering some questions. The best part of this show is, anyone can participate in this game show and win prizes, the next person could be you.

How to get Jeeto Pakistan Passes

Jeeto Pakistan Passes

As we know that, Jeeto Pakistan is winning game show where people participate and win so everybody wants to enter in Jeeto Pakistan Show. In order to participate in this show, you need Jeeto Pakistan Pass. These passes are very limited and require verification to achieve. The selected people have gifted these passes and these passes are gifted on the basis of “Contact First Get First” formula.

We are the official supplier of these passes and you can get these passes if you contact us as quickly as possible. These passes are absolutely free for all Pakistani people. You just need to give us some details like your name, contact number, and original CNIC card copy. I promise the next participant would be you. Please follow the following steps to get free Jeeto Pakistan Pass.

  • Call us on 
  • Provide us your name.
  • Provide us your CNIC card number (Just for verification).
  • Provide us your passport size photo.

Just these steps and you will get your Jeeto Pakistan Pass on the door.

Who can Participate?

There are no restrictions for the people who want to join this game show. The people of any country, any religion and any nationality can participate. But there are some requirements for the people to enter in this show.

  • Your Age must be between 18 and 80.
  • If you are under 18 then the pass would be given to your parents and you can come with them.
  • Parents can bring their 2 children. More would not be allowed to enter.
  • You can get multiple passes if your whole family want to join the show.

Jeeto Pakistan Contact Number

Jeeto Pakistan Number is given below where you can contact us to get the entry in this show. These are our official head office numbers. You can call at any time and book your seat in the next show. 

When you contact on these numbers, please mention that you need ARY Jeeto Pakistan Pass and you are willing to participate to enter in this game show.

Here is the official video of Fahad Mustafa telling about how to get ARY Jeeto Pakistan ticket.

Winner of Jeeto Pakistan Show 2020

Hundreds and thousands of people participate in this live game show and win rewards of lakhs. Not only this but they also get a chance to appear on TV where thousands of people are watching them. We keep a record of every winner and let me show you some winners of this show…

Jeeto Pakistan Winner

Name: Mr. Ikram Bhati
Prize Amount: 10,00,000
Mobile #: 0333******932

Jeeto Pakistan Winner

Name: Mr. Ahsan Iqbal
Prize Amount: 10,00,000
Mobile #: 0304******078

Jeeto Pakistan Winner

Name: Mr. Zubair Khan
Prize Amount: 10,00,000
Mobile #: 0335******112

Jeeto Pakistan Winner

Name: Ms. Zeenat Fatima
Prize Amount: 10,00,000
Mobile #: 0345******700

Jeeto Pakistan Winner

Name: Ms. Sobia Akbar
Prize Amount: 10,00,000
Mobile #: 0300******088

Jeeto Pakistan Fraud

Dear User, you may receive some fake calls or SMS and they would be asking you to send them your bank account details or your personal data. Please aware of this kind of fraud and don’t share them your confidentioal details otherwise they can harm you badly. If you receive this kind of call or message please contact us on Jeeto Helpline number  and inform us about that so we can take action against that.

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The show is divided into several segments, each one offering contestants prizes in return for achieving a set of challenges or game tasks given by the host.The prizes offered range from cars and motorcycles to gold, cash, vacation packages and household items.[8] The show is funded by sponsors, advertisers and commercial brands.

Jeeto Pakistan is occasionally broadcast from other cities, with some shows having been held in Lahore,[1] Islamabad,[9] Faisalabad, Multan and Dubai.[2]

During the month of Ramadan every year, the show runs a daily transmission in the evening.